How to Care for your Bouquet

Everyone has their own tricks for keeping their cut flowers fresh and beautiful. While it's not an exact science, here are some tips to keep your City Fields bouquet as long as possible:

  1.  Try to get your flowers into water as soon as possible. 
  2.  Change the vase water regularly (every two days or so).
  3.  Every time you change the water, snip a small amount off of the tip of each stem on a steep angle (this allows the flowers to absorb water more freely).
  4.  Keep your flowers out of direct sunlight and away from excessive heat.
  5.  Consider adding commercial flower food or even try making your own!
Valley Rust Bucket Dahlia
Yvonne Dahlia
Chilson's Pride Dahlia
Ferncliff Midnight Dahlia
Robann Royal Dahlia
Mango Sunset Dahlia
Justy Peachy Dahlia